Winter Coats Every Woman Should Have

Hello darlings! How are you today?

I guess if you are reading this article then you might ask yourself ”Hm, what other winter coats should I have other than the one/ones I already have?!”.

Well let me tell you that if you already have these coats that I will talk about, than I am very happy because you already incorporate them into your wardrobe! But if you haven’t yet, then continue to read my article in order to find out why it is worth having these lovely winter coats!

The first coat that I would recommend to have is : A black tailored coat  like this one:

The reason why you should have this coat is because when you decide to wear something colored and you don’t know which of your coat would go with the rest of your outfit, then this black coat will save you! Black goes with everything, it looks good with any color! And it will also give you a very clean look! Not to mention that black coats look good on everyone, no mater the outfit, no matter your height, ( I am 1,60 m, that is 5 feet :D) , the hair color, the color of your shoes or your bag’s, ! I totally recommend this tailored black coat!

And, if you are wearing a plain outfit and after you add the Black Tailored Coat you think that your look is too simple, then you can always add a scarf, like in the pictures below.

A second winter coat that I would recommend to have is the Nude Coat with faux fur collar .

I believe this coat is very elegant and chic, and it can be worn at any special event, or even daily if you have a day by day elegant look! I also believe this is a timeless coat, and that you will not have to invest in any other elegant coat for a looong time, as long as you take care of it every time you wear it.

Another coat that I believe all elegant ladies should have is a Faux Fur Coat black or brown.

I believe everyone can say that this coat became a trend since last year, and it is still in trend, and I really think it will stay for a few more years if not forever :D! I bought this coat 2 years ago when there weren’t so many ladies wearing fur coats, and I would like to say that I really love the way it looks on me! Especially because it is a shorter coat, but I have also tried on longer ones, above the knee, and I really have to say that surprisingly those also look good on me!

My fiancée really likes how this coat looks on me, he thinks it makes me look cute :)) ! So that’s good :D!

If you already have a black coat in your wardrobe then maybe you should go for a faux fur leopard print coat , if you like the print coats ( I almost bought one the other day :)) ) or a white grey, or even brown! Both of them look really good on brunettes, as well as on blondes! And I don’t know if it is because I am a grownup lady now, but I realized that faux fur coats are also timeless elegant pieces, and I would look to invest again in this type of coats if the one that I have now will not last forever!

Another winter coat that I would recommend is a one full colored coat or a plaid coat !

I bought this coat because it suits my skin tone and because I love royal blue color! And it gives me such great joy wearing it like no other coat! The funny thing is that all my girlfriends love this royal blue but only I dared to have a coat in this color :D!

This colored coat you may have it or not! It all depends to you, if you find that colored coat that will suit you and you fall in love with it, I say you should purchase it! I am sure it will bring you joy every time you will wear it! And it is not hard at all to style colored coats with your outfit as long as you keep the rest of your outfit either in light colors or dark-ish colors.

I really like seeing women wearing red coats, green/olive coats, light blue coats or marsala coats!

The last coat that I would recommend to have is a Faux fur Hood belted puffer jacket

I recommend this jacket for ladies who don’t particularly like elegant coats, or do not wear elegant coats for different reasons, and they just want a cozy, relaxed coat that would protect them from the cold.

I really like this jacket because it is so light, and I like my clothes to be light on me, as in the winter we wear lots of layers and they tend to get heavy on you, at least that happens to me, and I also like it because it is a very girly shade of pink/peach and it really suits me! I wear this coat a lot, especially when it shows!

And this is where my list of recommended coats ends! I hope you have some of these type of coats if not, maybe I just gave you some reasons to have them in the future.

Let me know what do you think of my recommendations and please share with me some type of coats that you like and think us, women, should have them!

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