10 Beauty mistakes & How to avoid them

Hello darlings!

Today I am going to talk about some beauty mistakes that I have made, but have corrected them over time. However, I see other women doing them too, and I would just like to tell you why I considerate them as being mistakes, and how to avoid them if you are also doing them!

  1. Not using the right shade of foundation – The first thing that you shouldn’t do when you are looking for the right shade of foundation is to test it on the inside of your wrists! No , no , no! Your  wrists will always be lighter than your face! So that means that you should always test foundations ONLY on your face! And always try on foundations when your face is clean, and look  into a mirror that is close to bright light in order to see how the foundation looks like on your face! Or take a picture of yourself with the flash!

2. Face and neck mismatch – Not applying foundation also under your cheek bones, down to the neck . Women always forget to do that, apparently :D! But we have to remember that just as we apply cream on our neck, then we should also apply a little bit of foundation on our neck so that we can aavoid this mismatch! You don’t have to add too much foundation on your neck, just a little bit, gradually until it looks good. Also, I recommend that you use a fluffy brush or a makeup sponge, as these tools will give you the best coverage!

3. Overly using foundation –  that will just end up looking like a mask and trust me that both men and women notice it! I know that sometimes we have acne, but no miracle foundation will cover our acne especially if it’s severe acne, and sometimes foundation might even worsen it. If you do have acne then try to find a acne type foundation like Vichy Dermablend (I have used it for a while), and try to remember that less is more also when it comes to applying foundation.

4. Inappropriate combinations of eyeshadows and applying it too high on the eyelid during daytime – I know that not all of us are  ‘’ makeup artists’’ or maybe some of us just don’t have this skill, because I believe it is a skill that in time you get better and better at performing it, but I also know that we can all try to stick to a brown shade, or a light peach shade if we don’t have any knowledge about eyeshadows combinations. An advice for improving your makeup skills would be to watch some YouTube makeup tutorials for beginners, or to just look for daytime makeup pictures on Pinterest or on Google! Pinterest is always my inspiration for all of my makeup looks!

5. Using dark matte lipsticks on small lips –Needless to say that dark matte lipsticks used on small lips makes them look much smaller, but they also add years to your age.If you really want to use dark lipsticks then you should use lip glosses or creamy shiny lipsticks, as they will make your lips look bigger. But I am also sure that if you start looking for a light matte lipstick or lip gloss, and trust me that there is a right one for every woman, then that creamy shiny lipstick or lip gloss will instantly replace your dark matte lipstick ! There are so many beautiful light lipsticks for any tone, and undertone, we just need to be opened to other options than the ones we are already using!

6. Using too much blush and highlighter – less is more, ladies! 😀

7. Unnatural eyebrow shape (the always surprised expression) or exaggerated tattooed eyebrows   –  having either one of the mistakes mentioned, it instantly draws people’s attention to them, and it isn’t for complimenting them! Try to stick to a natural shape and color.  I believe having your eyebrows natural just adds even more beauty to your face and naturalness …if they grow too long maybe you can trim them, if not just leave them as they are. Personally, I really like seeing natural eyebrows and I always compliment them :D!

8. Not using balance between the eyes and the lips –  If you are going for a bold eyeshadow then try to choose a more natural lipstick. Also, if you are using a bright or bold lipstick then try to apply a brown eyeshadow, or just a dark or brown eyeliner and nothing else!

9. Not using the right makeup at the proper time –Again,we have to do a little bit of research, and see what makeup goes when! Always apply bold makeup during evenings, or nighttime, and light/natural makeup during daytime!

10. Using a wrong hair color that doesn’t compliment your skin tone – Hair color can affect the way that we look!  I see a lot of women dying their hair in red or dark and it takes their glow away, and other women dying their hair blonde, and it makes them look pale.  When you think about changing your hair color, firstly you’ll have to considerate your skin tone, your eye color, and even your eyebrows color. Typically people with cool tone skin have green or blue eyes, or dark/black eyes, and they can wear blonde, red or dark color. The warm skin tones can wear a dark brown color, a chocolate color, hombre chocolate, even orange fiery red. Basically, if you have warm tones then you look great with warm color, if you have cool tones then you look great with cool colors, if you have neutral skin tone then you can wear both.

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