Visiting Malta in December

Hello dears!

How did you spend these lovely Christmas holidays? Have you traveled somewhere interesting, was it to a Christmas market or maybe to a historical place?

Well, if you haven’t travelled anywhere for the holidays, then you should definitely plan an escapade for this year to nowhere else but to MALTA! Yes, to the Republic of Malta! I wanted to visit this beautiful and interesting country since last year, and I was following the holiday prices all the year around, however the prices were always very high, especially during summer. But, around September the Travelator site send me and email with some really cheap flights to Malta ! And that was the start of a great 4 days trip to the interesting Malta!

The Maltese islands are a big open air museum! And I say islands because there are in fact two more islands besides Malta, namely Gozo and Comino! And all these islands are offering 7000 years of history, as well as the lively present! As the sun here is out for all year around, it is a bit cooler starting November to February, so if you wish to do some swimming in the Mediteranean sea in December, let me tell you that the water will be cooooold :D! So no tanning or swimming during December , only visiting and doing other type of outdoor activities on a temperature of 15 Celsius degrees ( 59 degrees Fahrenheit).

When we talk about Malta, we talk about the Roman times, Arabic legacy, especially if we were to refer to their language, we also talk about the French occupation , The Knights of St. John and the British rule. Yes, Malta was part of the British Empire for over 150 years. You will find today a great deal of Mediterranean Britishness around in the Maltese daily life. Also, English is a joint official language with Maltese.

Valletta – the capital of Malta –  this beautiful capital was declared European Capital of Culture in 2012. Valletta is small so you can explore the whole city on foot! Just buy yourself a good street map and you can get around town without any problem!

Valletta City Gate

Travelling through Valletta is very easy! They have great public transportation and it will take you everywhere on the island. In order to get to the other two islands, Gozo or Comino, you will have to use the ferry.

I believe that photos can show and express better than my words can do it, therefore I will upload more photos of Malta and link a video that I have also posted on Facebook, so that you can also enjoy and maybe think of making of Malta your next trip in Europe!

The island of Gozo
The Maltese houses are made of this durable rock
The walls around city of Valletta
The citadel in Gozo
Inside the city of Valletta
One of Gozo’s churches
Beautiful architecture
Beautiful and very unique door handles!
Tradition Maltese dish – rabbit stew
House of Gozo
Tour busses are the best way to use when you want to see as much as possible of Malta!
Malta at sunset! So beautiful!
Around the island of Gozo

Let me know if you liked this post about Malta and please share with me your Malta experience if you had any! If you haven’t yet visited Malta than this has to be your next destination especially if you love historical places that have a lot to say to us!


    1. I am so glad and I also envy you because you have visited this beautiful place more than once! 😀 I also hope to visit it again as I disnt get to see quite everything.

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