My Top 7 Miracle Foundations

Hey there, girls! How are you all? 

I was thinking of continuing my list of articles with another beauty related article, and as the title says it, I am going to share with you today my best foundations that I have used so far, and not only I have used them, but I have also recommended them to my girlfriends as well,  and trust me when I say that I only recommend the best things to my girlfriends! And so do they :D! 

So let’s start my top 7 foundations with:

NO 1 –  Pharmaceris F-Fluid Foundation intense coverage  – This is my favorite foundation for the past 5 years, especially because it covers my hyperpigmentation like no other foundation that I have tried! I recommend this foundation for all skin types! I have sensitive skin and I think I have the ”most appropriate ”skin to try products on :)) because my skin reacts to many products and I can clearly see and say which are good and which aren’t! This foundation doesn’t create a mask-effect at all! This foundation lasts on my skin about 10 h, and another big advantage of this foundation is that is has SPF 20! Big plus for any foundation!
I usually purchase this product from NOTINO site, but you can also find it on Pharmaceris official site.  It costs around 60 lei, that is 15 dollars, or 12,5 euro.

  NO 2 – Pharmaceris F-Fluid Foundation moisturizing  SPF 20 – Another great foundation from Pharmaceris, but this time is a moisturizing fluid foundation. I have also used this one as I have dry skin and this one helps keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. As you can tell, this product is recommended for women that have dry or sensitive skin. Again, I didn’t have any reaction to this foundation either, no acne, no anything. Besides keeping you face moisturized and looking great all day, it also protects it from sun exposure, as it has a medium SPF 20 protection.

Just like the afore-mentioned product, I also purchase this product from NOTINO site, but you can also find it on Pharmaceris official site.  It costs around 60 lei, that is 15 dollars, or 12,5 euro.

NO 3 – Pharmaceris F-Fluid Foundation Protective-Corrective SPF 50 – I love this product during summer! I always have this foundation whenever I am out of sunscreen and I use it in between! This foundation has the highest level of protection, and besides this it offers a great coverage and correction to your face, being recommended for skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. But I believe it can do a great job on all skin types :D!  

Just like the afore-mentioned products, I also purchase this product from NOTINO site, but you can also find it on Pharmaceris official site.  It costs around 60 lei, that is 15 dollars, or 12,5 euro.

NO 4 – LANCOME TEINTE MIRACLE SPF 15 –  Ok, so this foundation was recommended to me by one of my girlfriends, and because she seemed so excited about it, I decided to purchase it! But, not before trying it a few times! And I was really pleased with how my face looked like! I mean, how to not be pleased with a 200 lei (47 dollars, or 41 euro)  foundation bottle :))?!! No, really now! It is a great foundation, It has a good coverage, I cant see my pores through it, it is great, I have to give it the credit! What I like about this foundation is that my skin feels hydrated, and smooth, and even after 8 hours of work my face still looks fresh! Again, I had no bad reaction to this  foundation, no acne, it really felt great on my skin. I purchased this foundation from Sephora, but they also have it on NOTINO, and Amazon, and of course on LANCOME site. It costs around 200 lei, that is 47 dollars, or 41 euro.

 NO 5 – Clinique Even Better SPF 15 –  This is the foundation that I am currently using, as I find it perfect for winter time,, when you don’t need a lot of coverage. This foundation recommended for dry combination to combination oily skin. It is a creamy foundation, and indeed it creates a more even skin tone, however it is a moderate coverage foundation. So even though the name Even Better is in the description, do not expect this foundation to perfectly hide hyperpigmentation, any other spots, or acne scars. Another reason why I like it, is because it gives the skin a natural glow finish, which sometimes is necessary to have, to just go with a natural look , and feel great at the same time! I bought this great foundation from Marionnaud store, where I could also try it, but you can find it on many sites like AORO-Notino, Sephora, Marionnaud, Amazon, and of course on Clinique site. It costs around 110 lei, that is 29 dollars, or 22 euro. 

NO 6 – Maybelline Affinitone – This was my first foundation that I have tried! And that happened eight years ago! Back then I didn’t need to use foundation however, I was using it only at special occasions :D! But, this was my perfect foundation! Light, natural pigments, natural look, it felt hydrating, it had and continues to have the whole package! Except for SPF! It doesn’t have that! But if you have already a sunscreen that you are using, and you want a good, hydrating, and cheap foundation than Maybelline Affinitone should be your choice! You can find this foundation in supermarkets, in Sephora, Notino, as well as on Amazon! It costs around 35 lei, that is 9 dollars or 7 euro. 

NO 7 – MAX FACTOR  Lasting Performance – So I could give the same description for this foundation as I did for Maybelline Affinitone! Again, this is a light foundation! It has beautiful shades, I can easily find my shade, and enjoy the good coverage that this products gives, and have a natural look at the same time. The only thing lacking to this foundation is the SPF. I have only used it once, but one of my girlfriends uses it since she was a teenager and she didn’t change it so far  as much as I was bragging to her about other great foundation that I have found :))! I bought this foundation from a supermarket, but you can find it in a lot of stores, at the mall, and on Amazon as well. It costs around 40 lei, that is 10 dollars, or 8 euro. 

Ok guys, so these were my best foundation so far! I really hope I have helped you in getting an idea about these foundations and probably make you try them :D! If you do, leave me a comment on what you think about these products but also about others that you have used :D! 

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