6 Best and Affordable Facial Cleansers

Hello again, guys! How are you doing today? 

I know what you are doing, you are surfing around the internet to find better facial cleanser than you had or you might be searching for some diversity when it comes to facial cleansers! 

Well let me tell you that you are in the right place to find what you’re looking for! Because I am not only going to present some of the best cleansers that I had and have, but I am also going to emphasize that facial cleansers don’t need to be the most expensive ones in order to remove your makeup, to leave your skin smooth, and clean . There are so many good facial brands out there that maybe we don’t know about, or maybe we do, but haven’t tried them or we avoid them because of ther low price, thinking they wouldn’t be what we are looking for. 

Well wrong, very wrong! And I am going to prove you that the not so expensive cleansers can be as good as the most expensive ones!

And we will start with:

  1. The HIMALAYA gentle exfoliating daily face wash – this cleanser is one of my favorite as I am using it for some time now! What I like about it is that it not only removes very well my makeup but it also exfoliates my skin! And not to mention that is very cheap! The way I am using this cleanser is I moist my face with a little bit of water and then I gently wash my face with this gel, and then I wash it off! My face doesn’t feel dry after using this products so that is a plus! It costs around 15 lei, that is around 6 dollars , 3 euro! Very cheap and very efficient!

2.  BIOTEN Face Wash Gel with honey and arnicaThis is a Romanian brand and a very good one, I am telling you! I also use this gel without pads! Again, that’s a great plus! And the way I use it, is I moist my face, put a little bit of this gel, rub it between my hands and then wash my face with the foam that it makes. I really like it! It is so smooth and it doesn’t have any smell, which it means that the ingredients are all natural. You can find this product in almost all stores in Romania, on the internet as well . This product also costs around 16 lei, that is 4 dollars, or 3 euro!

3. GARNIER Skin Naturals PureActive 3 in 1 –  This cleanser is great because it does 3  important things at the same time! It cleanses by purifying, it scrubs meaning unclogs pores, and it also acts like a mask so it mattifies the skin! I like this product and I use it especially when my face gets a bit of acne, it dries it quickly without drying my face. Great product! Again, I apply this product on a wet face, and  wash my face for a few seconds with it and then cleans very well. No pads, no nothing! 
You can find this product in all stores in Romania, in the pharmacies,  and on the internet as well for instance, also on Amazon presented in a different bottle, and it costs 26 lei, that is 7 dollars, or 5.5 euro!  

4. VICHY Purete Thermale 3 in 1This is a more expensive cleanser but it is very efficient and it cleans very well the makeup, however when using this product you would need make-up removal pads. Also this product is recommended for sensitive skin. 
You can find this product regularly in pharmacies in Romania or on,  and on the internet as well, also on Amazon.  This great product costs around 60 lei, that is 15 dollars, or 13 euro! 

5. CLARINS Instant Eye Make-up RemoverYou know that I love the Clarins product , especially face creams, and this is just another product that I like! It takes of make-up like nothing else that I had! It contains rose and cornflower waters, therefore it moisturize and soothe the skin. Again, this is another product which requires pads, but don’t let that be in the way of making you to use it! You won’t regret it! 
You can find this product on Clarins official site, also on Amazon.  This great product costs around 100 lei, that is 26 dollars, or 20 euro! 

6. CLARINS Toning Lotion with chamomile  – I particularly love this toning because it is for dry skin! And I have dry skin! This product is an alcohol free toner containing chamomile and linden extracts. Besides cleaning your face, it leaves it very refreshed.  Now the way I use this is I soothe 1 or 2 cotton pads with this toning lotion and then I wipe my face with the pads. And after , my face feels great! I use this in the evening as well as in the morning. 
You can find this product on Clarins official site, also on Amazon.  This great product also costs around 100 lei, that is 26 dollars, or 20 euro! 

So guys, these were my best facial cleansers! I hope you are also using them or get to use them and I hope they will do great for you! Below you have my package of all of these cleansers :D! 

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