Top Winter Perfumes

Hey there, how are you all today?

You know, I was walking today through Sephora and I was testing some perfumes that I haven’t tested so far, and it crossed my mind that since I love perfumes so much why don’t I write an article about my favorite winter perfumes?! Maybe this way, I will inspire you to test these following fragrances and who knows, you might even fall in love with them like I did :D!

Without further due, let’s get into my list of top winter perfumes!

  1. Elie Saab – Girl of now floral – oriental fragrance.

I just discovered this fragrance today, and I fell in love with it! It is nothing like other perfumes I’ve had! It has a very feminine scent, and I love femininity!  This perfumes opens with notes of pistachio, pear, tangerine, magnolia, almonds, Tonka, and patchouli.  I really recommend that you at least test this fragrance!

2. YSL – Black Opium spicy – floral fragrance.

 This fragrance is very common now, I feel like a lot of women wear this fragrance however it is very pleasant. This classic perfume is a mix of spicy coffee and vanilla notes, gardenia and orange blossom

3. Giorgio Armani – CODE – floral – citreous fragrance .

My long lasting fragrance! I am most devoted to this perfume, I have been using this fragrance since I was 18 years old! And I also think this might be the only floral , citreous fragrance that I love! Maybe too much! I particularly love the honey scent in this perfume! And not to mention that it lasts days on my skin, clothing, on everything ! The scent opens with top notes of jasmine, and red orange. The notes of honey, vanilla, and sandalwood round out the base. My favorite fragrance of all times, and I have to admit that every time I wanted to make an impression I was using this perfume! Especially on dates :D!

  4. Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal  – sweet fragrance.

This perfume is suitable for a romantic girl or woman :D! I think it is perfect for evening dates and special occasions! For some reason it doesn’t last too long on my skin, or maybe it’s just my impression. It contains notes of honey, patchouli, grapefruit.  

5. Tom Ford – Noir floral- oriental type of fragrance.

I personally love this perfume! I was wishing for this fragrance for some time! It is a very powerful fragrance, for mature, sophisticated, and confident women. This fragrance delights senses because it opens with notes of amber, sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot, tangerine, and ginger. I really believe this fragrance exudes confidence and seduction!

6. Salvatore Ferragamo – Signorina Misteriosa floral-sweet fragrance.

This is another romantic fragrance! I love it! And I really love the bottle , too! It is just so simple and cute! This fragrance really last a long time! Especially on clothes! It can be worn by girls, by young women, old women. I really think this fragrance can be used by everyone! This fragrance is an explosion of patchouli, tuberose, bitter orange, blackberry and milk foam.

7. Amouage – Memoir chypre fragrance.

I just saved the best for last! This is my statement chypre perfume! ! This is a niche fragrance, and my only one so far! Niche perfumes are really expensive, but they are so worth it! The notes of this gorgeous fragrance are leather, musk, clove, jasmine, absinth, pink pepper, white blossom, dark wood, and styrax. I believe that this fragrance is a very fine, elegant, complex perfume. I love it so, so much! I really hope the bottle will last forever!

So the above-mentioned are in my opinion the best winter fragrances! I have been using them on and on for years! I have also tried other fragrances but they didn’t convince me too much so I am sticking with the ones presented above! Please leave me in a comment your opinion about these perfumes, or share with me some other fragrances that you love!

Some of my winter perfume collection!

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