KKW Beauty Creme Red Lipstick Review

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love red lipsticks? If indeed there is someone who doesn’t like red lipsticks or says that red lipstick doesn’t look good on them, well that is because you have not yet found the right shade of red lipstick to match your skin tone and your overall complexion!

And this is where KKW ‘s Beauty red lipsticks jump into the picture! And I don’t mean to say that you should only be interested in these particular lipsticks, there are so many other brands who created beautiful red lipsticks, however today I would like to tell you my review and my opinion of the KKW Beauty red creme lipsticks!

I have to admit that these lipsticks were my first purchase from this brand, and this was because I am a lipstick lover! I love lipsticks, I love wearing them but I also love seeing women wearing lipstick especially the red lipstick, no matter its shade, no matter if it’s creme or matte, I love lipsticks, and I adore the shades and the formula that KKW Beauty has released.

These creme red lipsticks have a satin finish formula, they are somewhat shiny, very soft, the formula is very creamy, making the lips feel moisturized and hydrated all day long! As we all know, the creme lipsticks do wear off because they are not matte, and they are not long-lasting, however you don’t have to worry about it since it’s your lipstick, you can take it anywhere with you and reapply whenever it’s needed. However, if you do want the lipstick to last more, then apply the lipstick, cover your lips with a napkin, grab a blending brush and put some powder over your lips and this will make the lipstick last longer.

Ok, let’s show you a few pictures of KKW Beauty red creme lipstick collection!




This shade is another gorgeous shade of red! It is very pigmented, bright, bold, so so beautiful and elegant! This is another shade that in my opinion suits any skin tone and undertone, it has it has the right amount of both yellow and blue base to make it a universal red lipstick shade. And on top of that, it makes your teeth look really white! Such a perfect red lipstick shade! h


These were the 4 shades of red lipstick that KKW Beauty released some time ago. I really like these lipsticks because they are creamy, I am not a fan of matte lipsticks because they dry my already dried lips, therefore these lipsticks are perfect if you have dry lips. The lipsticks are very pigmented and the formula is very creamy. I also like the packaging because I can see trough it, and because it is a simple, yet elegant packaging. What I most like about this red lipstick collection is the fact that they are suitable for any skin tone and skin undertone and they were not extremely expensive, the cost being around $ 15 to $ 20, depending of the place or site you are buying them from. I can assure you that you will definitely find the right shade of red lipstick for you among these red lipsticks from KKW Beauty, so I fully recommend that you try at least one of these shades of red lipstick!

I hope you liked my review! If you also have tried these lipsticks, let me know what is your opinion about them!

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