Timeless Jackets and Blazers for Spring

Ciao everyone! How are you today? Did spring get to you too? Because in Romania spring usually starts in March and ends somewhere in May, so during this time I am getting my spring jackets and blazers out, and take my winter coats up in the attic, and spend some time outside in the sun, as I haven’s seen the sun for a few months.

When it comes to spring jackets and blazers and I am very excited to share with you what I think are some of the timeless blazers and jackets that I wear and that are still in trend. And even if they wouldn’t be in trend right now, I would still wear them because I have my own unique style 😀 and maybe there are some women out there that can relate to my style!

  1. The leather waist jacket – this jacket is such a versatile jacket! It can be paired with jeans, regular pants as well as with dresses! I believe leather jackets give us a great vibe and a very well put together style. I own two leather jackets, a black one and a grey one, but the great thing is that the leather jackets come in so many colors, you just have to find the right color for you! I also believe leather jackets in brown, red, burgundy and chocolate are also very chic! Leather jackets are always a great investments for any woman !

2. The pink blush blazer . I just love a pink blush blazer because I makes me feel joyful and it’s a color that looks good on anyone! You can pear it with jeans, with skirts, with dresses, pretty much with any clothing!

3. A black blazer. Needless to say that this is probably the only blazers that should exist in any female’s wardrobe because it can be paired with absolutely anything that you have in your closet!

4. A trench coat. A black, white, nude or a one color trench is so perfect piece for the rainy days, or for a colder spring. It also looks very chich and it can be paired with many clothing items such as jeans, pants, dresses and skirts.

5. A light floral blazer. This blazer you could have it or not, it depends on if you like the be a little bit more bold, or to add some color to your outfits!

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