SEPHORA’s Best and Most Affordable Lip-gloss and Lipstick Collection

Hello darlings? How are you doing today?

So I decided to unwind today by going through Sephora’s shop, and yes, going through shops, and doing shopping is one of my ways to unwind :D, OK back to the main idea :D…and I tried some of their lipsticks and lip-glosses!

Usually, when I go to Sephora I go for the CLARINS lipsticks, and for perfumes, but this time I went without the intention of actually buying something.

And what do you thing? I did end up buying a really great and beautiful lip–gloss shade that I instantly loved and I just couldn’t leave it there! Actually, I wanted to get 2 different shades, but they were almost similar so I decided to get only one lip-gloss :D! I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I can not decide between two things that are very similar, I end up buying nothing because I can not decide :)) !! Please tell I am not the only one doing that :))!

But this time, I was more decisive, and I got the best lip-gloss !!

So without further ado, I am going to list Sephora’s lipsticks and lip-glosses that impressed me the most!

  1. SEPHORA COLLECTION – ROUGE SHINE  -satin finish .   The lipsticks from the Sephora collection have so many beautiful shades, and they are so creamy as well as long lasting! Anyone could definitely find at least two shades to take home with! The great thing is that this collection has matte lipsticks as well!! The shades that I liked the most and that suit me best are : Muted pinky brown , Royal Wedding, and Forever Yours.

2. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Outrageous Effect Volume Lip Gloss .  These  lip-glosses are a high-shine glosses that will make your lips look fuller as soon as you apply the lip-gloss! Trust me, I’ve noticed immediately! The lip-gloss has a little bit of a tingle, but in my opinion, it doesn’t bother too much. This collections has some really great colours, such as Universal Volume and the XXL Nude.

3. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Color-Revealing Lip Balm – This balm is going to be my next purchase, because I also fell in love with this balm! If you are the type of person who doesn’t uses lipsticks or lip-glosses but at the same time you want a little bit of shine to on your lips, then this is the perfect product for you! It is a very hydrating balm and it also has a great taste :D!

This balm comes in 2 colors, namely Unique pink and Unique orange.

4. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Ultra Shine Gloss Gel – This is a great shiny lip gloss with a very hydrating texture. It is also supposed to reflect the light! This is the lipstick that I purchased, the color is Earth & Fire. I am very excited to start using it!

Please let me know what do you think about these collections, if you tried them and which one you liked the most! And if you haven’t, then I hope I made you curious enough to try them :D!

In Romania, you will find these products only in Sephora shops.


  1. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Cream Lipsticks  – Satin Finish – Forever yours  
  2. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Rouge Shine – Royal Wedding
  3. SEPHORA COLLECTION Rouge Shine Matte Lipstick, Secret Affair
  4. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Outrageous Effect Volume Lip Gloss 
  5. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Color-Revealing Lip Balm
  6. SEPHORA COLLECTION – Ultra Shine Gloss Gel – Eart

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