What is new in my wardrobe // February 2019

Hello ladies! How are you today?

I am doing great because I love this season of sales when I get to buy really beautiful things at a very low price!

The things that I am going to list and show are mainly from Zara, but also from Stradivarius. The great thing that the sales are still on going so I really hope I will come back with another What’s new in my wardrobe, very soon!

So let’s get into it! I am so excited about all these pieces, because some of them I didnt get to wear them yet and I am very excited to mix and match them! The beautiful things that I got are :

1. A yellow wool sweater . I love yellow clothing, I think it brightens up my appearence and it also puts me in a great mood :D! I can pear this sweater with black jeans, grey jeans, white jeans, and with many other pieces of clothing.

2. A white floral sweater! I like this sweater so much, and I believe it is very versatile! I can pear it with trousers, jeans, skirts and I can even wear it over dresses.

3. Plaid trousers – Plaid trousers in general are not very easy to pear them, however it can be easy as long as I stick to one color in the top part, such as a white, black, brown, turtleneck or sweater.

4. A wool dark green/olive tailored coat. This coat is very cozy, and the color is quite beautiful! I got a lot of compliments for this coat!

5. Floral chiffon blouse – love this blouse! It is so feminine and classy! I think I will wear it over and over again! I can pear it with trousers, jeans, and even skirts! I didnt get to wear them but I promisse that I create an outfit with this blouse as well as with the next two blouses.

6. Another floral chiffon blouse but this one in black and white. I am going to get a lot of wear out of this one, too, and I could pair it with blue, black or grey jeans, white or black trousers, but also with skirts.

7. A flower print turtleneck – I really like the print, and how it suits me! I could pear this with plain jeans and trousers, but also with simple one color skirts.

8. A pear of brown Booties from ASOS. This brown pear of booties is such a timeless piece that can be peard with everything from my closet!

9. A shoulder bag from Parfois. Very chic and very handy for when I need to carry more things with me!

These were my last purchases that I wanted to share with you!

Let me know if you like them, by leaving a comment below, and also please share with me how would you style all these pieces!

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