Samsung Galaxy Watch ROSE GOLD Review

Hello darlings, how are you doing today?

I was thinking to share with you today my opinion on the Samsung Galaxy Watch ROSE GOLD, which I got it as a Christmas present :D! Yaaay! I love presents!

I have this smartwatch for some time now and all I can say is that this watch became my new favorite gadget! Even since last year I was thinking of getting a smartwatch, in the beginning I was interested in the Michael Kors smartwatch but I have read reviews about it and women weren’t so pleased with the smartwatch. I didn’t know Samsung had created the female version of Samsung smartwatch, but to be honest I didn’t look too much into it. I was actually reading reviews about the Samsung Gear S3 because I was planning to get it for my fiancée. I will also make a review on his smartwatch, in the future :D!

So why do I like this smartwatch so much?

Design, color and size – Sleek, rose gold, 42 mm  –As most women, I am firstly interested in the design, color and the size of the gadgets that I would like to have. So for me the ROSE GOLD color was catchy as well as the overall design. What is more, you can personalize your watch by wearing the silicon rose gold band or one of 2 other elegant bands that comes with, also in rose gold color. Design wise, I really like that it has a bezel! The size of this watch is just perfect for me!

Always on   –  Because it is a watch with Always on function, it is not necessary to press a button or to spin bezel in order to see the time. This watch will show the time no matter if it is day or night. All you have to do is to spin your wrist, or look at the watch and the screen light will be on, allowing you to see the time.  

Receives calls, messages, WhatsApp notifications, emails  –  The fact that I can receive calls and messages on this smartwatch is a big plus! It’s the best feature of the watch! This was one of the reasons why my fiancée got it for me, so that I won’t have to search all the time through my bag for my phone. Now I receive calls, and answer to messages from my watch :D!

The music is now with you   –  From now on, I don’t have to take your phone with me anymore when I go for a run! Thanks to the LTE function, and with the help of some Bluetooth headphones I am able to enjoy listening to my music anywhere, anytime!

Battery life   –   Since I got this watch I only charged it a few times! And that is because the battery lasts up to 4, 5 days if I don’t mess with the watch too much. The charger is very easy to use and you can basically charge it with anything that is USB.

Monitors progress – Love this function! This smartwatch acts as your personal trainer! The watch can measure the heart rate, and it can follow up to six different activities when you are exercising, activities such as walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming, circuit training and many others, and it measures while your moving from one activity to another!

I also like because it warns me when I become inactive, saying that I have been sitting for half an hour, and it is time to move :D! OK, OK watch, I’ ll get on the move :D! Besides this, it also monitors the number of stairs I am climbing, and it awards me when I reach a certain number of stairs or steps :D!

Monitors health condition,  sleep and stress level  –   This watch monitors the heart rate, as well as the number of calories. Find out how your night has been in order to feel better the next day. This watch monitors the sleep and it keeps a journal on the 4 cycles of the sleep. It also monitors the stress level, and it notifies me when my stress level gets higher, and it tells me to take deep breaths. I can also measure my stress level whenever I want, and this is very helpful because sometimes when I see that my stress level gets high, I try to regain my calmness.

Many other functions – weather forecast, mementos, GPS, My day function which compiles all of your schedule and it shows it on the screen.

I am very pleased with the Samsung Galaxy watch , I wear it every day, and it is making my life a lot easier! Besides the fact that is looks great, it also does a lot of things that I find them very useful!

Please let me know in a comment if you own the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, and what is your opinion about it! If you have any questions, then please address them in a comment below, and I will gladly answer to them!

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