Christmas Markets in Romania

Hello darlings!

Are you enjoying the holidays as much as I do? I really hope so!

I was thinking of writing this article as me and my fiancée just visited the Christmas market here in Bucharest, and we fell a little sorry that we didn’t go more often as yesterday was the last day of the Christmas market in Bucharest, because preparations need to be done for the New Year’s Eve. By the way, if you don’t have any plans for the New Year’s Eve, then you should definitely bundle up, take a bottle of champagne, and go and spend an hour or two in Piata Constitutiei, here in Bucharest, because there will be the biggest concert of the year! The atmosphere will be insane! We went last year and we loved it!

Ok, so let me talk to you a little bit of my favorite Christmas markets here in Romania, and why you should definitely visit Romania on this time of the year!

1.The Christmas market in Sibiu – This is the prettiest Christmas market ever! It has all that you can ever expect from a Christmas market! Christmas gifts, tree decorations, sweets, warm drinks, hot wine, hot palinca, which is a very strong Romanian drink, similar to vodka :D, you will find cooked sausages, cooked fresh pork meat, we call it pomana porcului, everything is cooked in front of you, and the smell of all the food just makes you want to devour everything around you! In this market, you will find people singing carols, or groups of children singing carols. Of course , the Christmas tree, very nicely decorated! You should definitely visit this Christmas market! And if you enjoy skiing then Paltinis slope is very close, and you will have all the fun that you need there too!

2. The Christmas market in Alba Iulia  – well I love this place not only because it is my hometown but also because we have some really tasty food, great hot wine, the best cozonaci which is sweet rolled bread with walnuts, and many other holiday spices. You will get to see the big beautiful Christmas tree, the Santa’s sled, which is such a joy for the children! You will also get to take great picture inside the tunnel of lights, or all over Alba Carolina fortress. Oh, yes, there is a bi fortress inside this small town and it is definitely worthwhile visiting it especially during winter. And if we are so lucky to get some snow, then it will me magical! Alba Iulia is a very affordable city in comparison to Sibiu, or Bucharest so don’t miss it if you ever come to Romania!

3. The Christmas market in Brasov – Every fan of the winter holiday should visit Brasov not only for its Christmas market but also for the ski area! Brasov is in the heart of Romania, it is situated in a mountain area. It’s main attraction is the mountain area especially during winter when all Romania meets in the area for skiing :D! Brasov Christmas market is very similar to Sibiu and Alba Iulia’s Christmas market as all of these towns, are situated in the same region, namely Transylvania. Which in my opinion, and many other’s, is the best region in Romania :D! The Christmas market in Brasov is of course situated in Brasov’s square, as the other Christmas markets mentioned. The Christmas houses have everything that you can wish for, starting with ginger bread , hot wine and ending with fried sausages or pork meat! If you ever come to Brasov, then please do it around Christmas time so you can ski and also enjoy the goodies from the Christmas market!

And the ski area! Don’t miss it even if you don’t know how to ski! There are plenty of other things to have fun here!

4.   The Christmas market in Bucharest – Because Bucharest is the capital of Romania, here you will find the biggest Christmas market in the country! In addition to the little Christmas markets, you will also get to enjoy the concerts that take place here every evening! The greatest bands and singers are performing here, and besides them we have some very talented groups of children singing carols. The Christmas house in this market are full of goodies! I am also so excited to try as many things as I can :D! Starting with hot spicy wine, fried pork meat and ending with some delicious sweets like pies or ginger bread! You can also find at this Christmas market the Romanian traditional food called sarmale (meat rolled in pickled cabbage) as well as Kurtos kalacs which is Hungarian sweet rolled breat covered in nuts or sugar!
It is very simple yet delicious, and soft! Also, very close to the Christmas market you will also find an ice-skating rink.   If you are visiting Bucharest this time of the year then don’t miss the Christmas market! You will love it!

Every year, the Christmas markets in Romania are open during 30 november and 26 December, some of them even until 30 of December. The Christmas markets schedule starts around 1000 and ends around 2200. You should definitely put Romania’s Chritmas Markets on your travel list for next year ! If you have visited them already, then let me know what you think about them in a comment below!

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