The best 3 sunscreen for your face

Ciao friends!

Today I was thinking to share with you my top 5 sunscreen for the face, especially for sensitive skin and for skin affected by hyperpigmentation.

I remember the first time when I started to use sunscreen, and I believe it was when I was 26 years old. Pretty late, I know :D! I started to use sunscreen because I was starting to get hyperpigmentation on my face and from that moment using sunscreen became A MUST! Btw, my I also have an article  about hyperpigmentation,  how I got it and how I am dealing with it.
Anyway, needless to say what the sunscreens do, I believe you all know by now that sunscreen protects the skin from sunburns, aging, and hyperpigmentation.

Ok, without further due lets list my best sunscreens so far!

NO 1 –  URIAGE BARIESUN XPCREAM SPF50+Uriage Bariésun XP Cream SPF50+

BARIÉSUN XP Cream SPF50+ provides EXTREME anti-UVA-UVB protection for extremely photo sensitive skin, and SKIN THAT MUST STAY OUT OF THE SUN.
The texture of this sunscreen is very water resistant and slightly tinted which for me is a great thing, because it fades my hyperpigmentation a little bit!
This sunscreen works best for me during the summer, because I can even stay in the sun, without worrying that the spots on my face could get worse. I highly recommend this sun sunscreen especially for people who have hyperpigmentation.


SUN SECURE Écran Minéral Teinté combines 100% mineral very high SPF50+ protection with make-up. It is a universal shade available in 2 textures: a dry-touch cream for normal to combination skin and a comfortable cream for dry to very dry skin.
I have the dry to very dry skin sunscreen and I love it! It looks great on the face, and I don’t need to use foundation anymore because this sunscreen is the only thing that I am using! And it also provides a very good coverage of my sun spots!!  It is water, sweat and rub-resistant! I can guarantee all of the afore-mentioned! It is also very affordable, around 60 lei, if you buy it during winter, which is what I do in order to get a cheaper price. It is about 13 euro, or 14 dollars, depending from where you are purchasing it.


This sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin, or skin with melasma/hyperpigmentation, and also for reactive skin. It protects the skin really well however it needs to be reapplied quite often especially if you get sweaty or if you swim. I also liked this cream very much! I believe La Roche-Posay have very high quality products, and the ingredients that they use are natural. 

This great sunscreen is around 60-65 lei, so around 14 dollars,or 13 euro, depending from where you are purchasing it. 

So these were my best 3 sunscreens that I have used so far, and still continue to use! I usually buy them from Tei Pharmacy, here in Bucharest, but you can also find them on Amazon or on their official sites.  I have also tried Bioderma, as well as Vichy, but they didn’t look good on my face, as both of brands have tinted sunscreens, so when I discovered Uriage, SVR, and La Roche-Posay they instantly became my favorite sunscreens!

And trust me, the reason why I say these sunscreens are very efficient and very good is because they protect my face from getting even more hyperpigmented. And I believe that is what makes a sunscreen suitable and just perfect for your face! I hope this article is useful for you and it will make you have a wider perspective when it comes to sunscreens. 

Stay close in order to find out more about other sunscreen that I might try and what is my opinion about them! Also, please leave a comment and share your opinion about these sunscreen, if you had used them , and if not just tell me about the sunscreen that you are using and what do you thing about them! 


  1. Salutare, Elena! Spuneți vă rog, produsul SVR SUN SECURE ECRAN MINERAL TEINTE SPF 50+, ce nuanță are? E mai mult în nuanță rece sau în caldă? Nu e roșcat după aplicare?
    Vă mulțumesc!


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