My best face creams

Hi there friends! 

This article is going to be about my best face creams that I have used so far, and I would like to say that I used them over and over again because I just really didn’t want to try any others even though it is recommended to change the face cream at some point either because the skin just doesn’t respond to the cream anymore or because you get older and the skin needs certain vitamins to feed with so that it stays healthy, or your skin goes through rough times or hormonal imbalance and in this case it requires dedicated face creams. 

But when it comes to regular face creams, I would like to list some of the best ones that I have used throughout my mid 20s until I got in my 30s. 

      The creams that I have used throughout this time were usually creams for dry skin. I forgot to mention that I have dry skin, and not only my face is very dry but also the rest of my body. But for now let’s concentrate on the face :D! So the best creams for me were the following:  

1 . Herbosophy face cream for dry skinthis is a nutritious face cream containing shea butter and hyaluronic acid. This cream helps the skin regain its natural healthy glow and having a regenerative and anti-aging action, leaves the skin soft and intensely hydrated. Apply every morning and or evening to the face and neck. Never forget about the neck :D! 

This cream costs around 30 lei and I normally purchase it fromSensiblu pharmacies, the equivalent in euro is 6.5 euro, and in dollars is 7.4 dollars. So it’s a very affordable cream!!  

 2. Hydra-Essential Silky Cream – Organic, medicinal kalanchoe extract, a powerful natural hydration activator that boosts the skin’s hyaluronic acid production. Your skin will be fresh, comfortable, and radiant. I started to use this cream around 25 years old and I could feel how it was literally adding water to my skin! I was so impressed with this cream!  This cream costs around 130 lei, a bit more expensive but trust me it will worth all the money! You can find it on Amazon or on Clarins official site.

3. Herbosophy Anti-aging Face Cream with macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid – this cream nourishes and blurs the signs of aging, regardless of your skin type. Its ingredients protect the skin from free radicals, with remarkable results against the aging and dehydration of the tissue. 

I started to use this cream one year ago, when I turned 30, because I started to see some wrinkle so I began using it especially over the winter time. I just think it keeps the skin very hydrated during the cold season.  Again, this cream can be found in  Sensiblu pharmacies or on Herbosophy official site

4. Dr.Organic face cream -using bioactive organic pomegranate seed oil ensures that the powerful antioxidant properties found in this anti-aging’superfruit’ are maximized and protected. I am currently using this face cream! It is not overly expensive, around 50 lei, that is 13 dollars or 10 euro. It can be purchased either from Sensiblu pharmacies or from the Dr.Organic official site.  

5.  The Organic Tea Tree Oil Control Moisturiser by Dr. Organic – it is the best cream that I have used for pimples and cysts. The key ingredient of this cream is aloe vera, which helps refining the pores and frees them from bacteria, reduces redness but most importantly it makes pimples fade away, just by applying this cream and leave it over the night, of course repeating again for a few more times.  I will assure you that this cream will become your best cream especially if you have acne, and it will leave you with a very clean skin.  I just love this cream! 

You may find this cream at Sensiblu pharmacys, on the Amazon and on other various sites. Just type in the name and you will definitely find it! It costs around 50 lei, in dollars is 13 $, and around 10 euro. 

I really hope this article was useful for you! My next one will be about some great serums that I have used and others that I am planning to use, so stay close! Kisses

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