About Friendliana

Hello friends, I am Friendliana. A woman who loves simple, beautiful and elegant clothing, traveling around the world, self-care, and having a great state of mind and body.

I am Romanian, I was born in Transylvania, namely in Alba Iulia which is such a beautiful city, but I currently live in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I love dogs, I really want to have a Labrador some day, I like learning foreign languages, I am very passionate about classy and elegant clothing, and I like playing tennis. Because it is nice to put a face to the name, I am going to upload a picture of me.

Follow my blog in order to get some pieces of advice on how to look stylish wearing basic pieces of clothing as well as looking elegant with simple yet chic outfits, finding out about the beauty products that I recommend, and also stay in touch with me for getting some tips on travel destinations and why I recommend them. Last but not least, make sure to follow my blog to find out how to take best care of your mind and body. 

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